How Prenuptial Attorneys Can Give You And Your Fiance Peace Of Mind

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o Prenuptial attorneys can provide you with an up-front price quote, alleviating the stress of unknown costs. However, its important to understand that some attorneys charge excessive hourly billing, fees and costs. Also, some services like LegalZoom, may charge various fees for the inclusion of certain provisions (such as waiving alimony). Speaking with the right prenup attorney and discussing costs up-front can alleviate these problems and leave you with peace of mind.

We are a team of experienced and dedicated prenuptial attorneys. Helping you draft your prenuptial agreement so that you and your spouse can focus on the more important things in life.

o In order for a prenuptial agreement to be enforceable, the courts must deem the agreement fair and reasonable. Experienced attorneys can help draft provisions and clauses which are durable and viewed as fair and reasonable by the courts. Without an attorney-drafted prenup, you significantly increase the risk of your agreement being deemed unenforceable - which can result in tens of thousands of dollars in future legal fees.

To give you and your fianc peace of mind, engage an experienced prenuptial attorney to draft and negotiate your agreement.

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As the busy summer wedding season approaches, it's a good time to discuss with your fianc the many benefits of a prenuptial agreement. If you decide a prenup is right for you, hiring the right lawyer has many benefits. Prenuptial attorneys can give you and your fianc peace of mind. An experienced prenup attorney can draft durable prenuptial agreements so that you and your spouse can focus on the more important things in life.

Here are some of the benefits of engaging prenuptial attorneys:

o An experienced dui attorney in ontario prenup attorney will be familiar with the nuances of prenuptial agreement law. State law, including the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA), is quite intricate, and a prenup may be rendered unenforceable unless such laws are carefully followed. For instance, in California a couple generally must hold their prenup seven days prior to its execution (signing) or courts will consider the agreement void. Also, various state laws mandate that if certain provisions are included in a prenup, both parties must be represented by their riverside dui lawyer own attorney. The right attorney can walk you and you spouse step-by-step through the entire prenup process.

o Many prenuptial attorneys carry insurance. A properly insured lawyer (or law firm) provides protection for your prenup and gives you peace of mind.

o Attorneys can provide you and your fianc with creative solutions to meet your unique needs. For example, some couples find it beneficial to include a "sunset clause" in their prenup which automatically terminates the prenup on a certain date (such as after five years of marriage). Another creative solution is offering each spouse a right-of-first-refusal, so one spouse could buy the other's interest in a residence and therefore not force a sale at an inopportune time (i.e., selling the primary residence in a down market). Furthermore, an experienced prenup attorney can draft your agreement creatively to mesh the goals of both you and your fianc.

You Need A Good Law Outline So You Can Memorize The Law

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Want to find out way more about Law Outlines? Visit Paul Owen's site dui lawyer in fullerton on how to choose the best Law Outline to meet your needs and get a complimentary Foldeez law outline.

Perhaps, what the professors and anaheim dui lawyer other law students really mean to say is get a law outline that you can easily customize to cover the extra areas that your professor fails to cover.

Hornbooks are without a doubt the way to go but do you really have 26 hours in a day to take the time to learn the law by reinventing the wheel? With 1000's of pages and convoluted legal talk, you just don't have the time to become an "expert." Further, most of the idiomatic concepts presented in hornbooks are presented for academics dui attorney in fullerton and not for the naive law student who is just learning them and needs these concepts explained in more absolute terms of black and white instead of massive shades of gray.

A Law Outline makes Memorizing the Law Less Difficult.

The main purpose of class is to teach you the application of the law. Law classes are very similar to a chemistry lab. The cases are the experiments. The students and the professor apply rules of law to the facts presented and discuss the results to help the student achieve the ability to apply law to facts. You are expected to have already studied the applicable law and know it dead cold. You are in class to learn how to apply the law. You are not there to do a comprehensive review of the law on a particular subject. Thus relying on class discussions alone to create a good law outline is a serious mistake.

A good law outline is a necessity in order for you to internalize the law. Law outlines are the sine qua non to a full understanding of the law and the process of making a custom outline will dramatically aid in the memorization of the law. Those students who have and know how to use a good law outline will do significantly better than a student without a good law outline.

Not all the law you need to know is discussed or reviewed in class. Thus, good law outlines introduce you to that law and ensure that it is part of your exam writing preparation and memorization.

Only the best useful law outlines ensure that they cover all the law in hornbooks and equate their lay explanation of the law with complex idiomatic terms. These outlines give you a basic format that is good or easily modified for memorization and make it easy to customize their work product for your class.

The self-professed legal geniuses and experts tell you to create a law outline from scratch and solely from class discussion. Classes only go over 60% of the law. Plus do you really think that reinventing the wheel is a good idea? Would it not be better to quickly modify a commercial law outline and immediately start to memorize and learn the law for exam writing?

Once you have decided on a law outline it is best to customize the information in a format that you like and is easy for you to memorize.

A good law outline covers all the law and is not 800 pages.

Good law outlines circumvent the difficulties in learning the law from hornbooks. A law outline will explain idiomatic concepts in easy to understand language. Such a law outline will also relate these explanations to the legalese used by professors and lawyers to present the terms. It is all about saving time, which is at a serious premium for a 1L law student. You need to learn and grasp concepts quickly with the least amount of confusion.

You need to memorize the law. Hornbooks are very useful in helping you with areas of the law that present special problems for you, but they are useless as a tool for memorizing the law. A good law outline can be of enormous help in memorizing the law and in learning the application of the law. Some are formatted to allow you to memorize the information efficiently.

You can purchase a law outline from a good commercial publisher. You have to learn the law but you don't need to reinvent the wheel. A good law outline or hornbook will help you learn the law.

Choosing a good law outline is a personal process that depends on how you respond to memorization and how you learn things. Objective rules do apply even if you learn by hearing or sight or by example. Selecting a law outline to impress the professor with your class participation is a complete waste of time. Grades in law school do not depend on class participation. Impress the professor with your exam work product and not by sucking up during class. A law outline deals with all the law you need to memorize and not with the nuances of idiomatic applications of the law. Get your priorities in order and if you absolutely need to be the class king or queen by all means good luck.

Most important is to get a law outline that is on computer so you don't have to waste a lot of time retyping or adding information. A custom law outline is the goal but you really want to spend most of your time memorizing the law outline and not in creating the law outline. So modification of a digital law outline to a custom one is the way to save the most time.

Dummies Guide To Nlp

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By: jsjeck

Neuro-linguistic Programming

In school, you would have read about Newton's Third Law of Motion:

Every action has its equal and opposite reaction.

That's also the basic premise of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). It's all about knowing:

o Why you are doing what you are doing

o How can you do it even better; and

o How can you get the exact results you are after?

Cause & Effect

Put it differently, NLP

helps you be on the CAUSE side of an Equation instead of being on the EFFECT side. That is, on the ACTION side instead of being on the REACTION side.

The EFFECT side is where there are 1001 excuses for why you can't do what you want to do in life. But the CAUSE side is all about taking control in your hands.

NLP practitioners believe that you cannot change the world. But you can change the way you think about and (ACTION) and later act on this thinking (REACTION) in dealing with this world.

Information Processing

NLP teaches us that all behaviour stems from how we process information.

This information is gathered through the five sense organs --- sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and feeling.

Just as we program a computer to process information in a certain way, we can program our brain --- the supercomputer --- to process the rialto dui lawyer sensory input we gather from the outside world for optimal behaviour results we seek. NLP helps us structure our understanding of the world and our reaction to it.

The science is so powerful ---- and proven --- in actual lab situations that with the use of certain NLP techniques you can actually influence the outcome of every encounter that you have with another person with 100% effective results.

Two main pillars of NLP are:

People Slotting

As human beings we are extremely good at classifying information under various heads. This is required for easy processing. Some people 'see' things in their minds. The 'visual' type will tend to use phrases like "I get the picture" or "I see what you mean." Another will "hear" cues and say "I hear what you are saying" or 'It sounds good to me', while the 'kinaesthetic' may utter "I get a feel for it" or "grasp what you tell them" .....

Now, if you knew the programming code of the other person --- the way his/her brain works --- would you not be able to predict all his/her thoughts and actions?

You could become a mind reader!

In addition, armed with the knowledge of what you and the other person's dominant mode is, you could switch your dui attorney in colton mode from Visual to Auditory to Kinaesthetic.

Research in NLP however indicates that a strong 'Visual' approach is more effective with listeners than a 'kinaesthetic' or an 'auditory' mode!

Cue Mirroring

Have you seen an attorney cross examining a witness --- in a movie or real life? Without knowing that he is using NLP, an ace attorney will try to match the mood and metaphor of his star witness's dominant mode (We call it a 'representation system" in NLP). He may for instance, begin the examination with, "Are you under tremendous pressure?" "Do you feel like you are going to pieces," and "can't come to grips with the REAL truth?" before, pausing to add.... "Don't you want to get it off your chest? If the witness falls into the trap and nodes a "yes", the attorney can immediately pounce on him, knocked down his defenses and extract a confession!

To cops and attorneys this comes easy. By listening carefully and paying close attention to how people speak, an investigators can, in NLP, terms, get "in sync" with their 'targets" by carefully matching their paralanguage, their pitch, pace and direction of speech and get a disclosure. People like people who act like them. Leaders like followers. Heroes like worshippers. And, stars like fan clubs. This is because once you manage to establish that kind of rapport, barriers disappear, trust grows, and confidence follows.